Welcome to Family Day Care "Korablik"!

"Healthy, smart and well-adjusted child is an
easy child to raise and a source of pride for parents."


  • Children from age 1-5 are welcome
  • Safe, clean, secure environment
  • Personal individualized attention
  • 4 fresh home prepared meals
  • Special Diet available
  • Outside play time and games
  • Open after hours, weekend, holidays
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Full Academic program
  • English and Russian
  • Complete Pre-School Program
    (math, English, drawing,
    gymnastic, dancing, swimming)
  • Government assisted families are welcome


We were established in 1998. Our staff will stimulate, encourage and bring out the talent in your kids. Special focus on learning and thinking skills, and character development. We prepare your child to excel in school.

We strive to be the Best Family Day Care in Woodland Hills.